Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning

WCR - Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning

Above is a Tranter 06T2 before and after our cleaning procedures.  WCR Service invented the cleaning process that's mimicked by other heat exchanger companies, even OEMs.  We built our reputation by utilizing select cleansing methods for different applications, returning the heat exchanger specifications back to nameplate performance. 


This includes a high-pressure water cleaning and brushed hand scrub if necessary to remove loose scaling and fouling. In the case of severe fouling or scaling, a high-pressure steam clean will follow. 


For rigid scaling not dissolved in acidic or caustic solutions, powder-blasting is used along with high-pressure steam or water.
WCR Service - Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Bath

WCR services over a half million plates every year, the majority of which are bathed in a proprietary series of chemicals depending on the heat exchanger application. A carefully selected process of altering chemicals, temperatures, and agitation assures the most effective cleansing process.  The desired result can't always be achieved by utilizing only one particular solution, sometimes hours in an agitated acid solution has to be followed by extended periods in a high temperature caustic solution.
WCR Service - Chemical Cleaning

Liquid Nitrogen

Gaskets glued with two-component epoxy are submerged in liquid nitrogen to break the bond and erradicate stubborn glue.  For other types of obstinate scaling, the preferred method is liquid nitrogen submersion. We discovered and refined this method, it remains proprietary to our plate cleaning process. 

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