WCR On-Site Assistance

WCR Service - On-site Assistance

WCR has on-site service crews across the United States, strategically setup in 7 locations to reach any destination within 8 hours. Heat exchangers are critical and expensive pieces of equipment, on-site assistance offers customers peace-of-mind that a professional is handling their heat exchanger. Our trained technicians will troubleshoot and determine the causes of the leak or breakdown. Using specialized tools, knowledge, and experience, they will provide the most economical solution to return the heat exchanger back to fully-functioning operation.  
WCR will pre-examine the unit, usually discovering the issue without opening the unit.  If necessary, we will remove the whole unit for refurbishment and return to one of our facilities. To save the customer costs, we normally disassemble the unit on-site, only removing the plate-pack itself, this depends on condition, use, and age of the unit.   Once back to our facility, the plates (and frame if required) will be reconditioned following rigorous WCR Service processes. 

Our expert teams have years of cross-brand knowledge and experience handling all models of plate heat exchangers. You can trust they know how to deal with any problem you may have with your heat exchanger. All labor and parts are warrantied for one year, guaranteed to maintain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.