WCR Plate Coils / Immersion Plates

WCR Plate Coils are cost-effective replacements for pipe coils in immersion heating and cooling applications. They offer amplified turbulent flow on both the service and process sides; making them more efficient than pipe coil type heat exchangers. WCR Plate Coils are custom manufactured to your needs and can be banked together for applications requiring large heat transfer surfaces. Stainless steel and titanium are standard materials, however, assemblies are available in a wide variety of material, finish, and design options. 

Immersion Plates

WCR offers a full selection of standard replacement plate combinations matching the industry standards for thickness, size, and nozzle (handle) configurations.  WCR standard product range of Immersion Plates come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12” to 48” in width and 18" to 96" in length.  Differing configurations can attain a surface area up to 64 ft². All WCR plates are CNC laster welded allowing us to create virtually any size plate for new equipment design or direct replacement.  WCR immersion plates offer long-lasting performance that's suitable for numerous heating and cooling applications.  This includes steam or fluid, where direct contact with product is acceptable.  

Single Embossed Assemblies

When directly heating or cooling a flat sanitary surface, single embossed assemblies are useful. The use of this product ranges across virtual all industries, but is commonly  used for heating or cooling application of table tops, conveyors, shelf dryers, or web drying systems.  Single embossed assemblies are fully customizable and can be design for complete integration directly into OEM equipment. There are a wide varity of fitting arrangement and sizes available, as well as numerous structural mounting and support options.