Plate Heat Exchanger Applications

WCR - Food & Beverage Industry Food & Beverage
Dairy Brewery/Brewing Soft Drink Juice/Fruit Processing
Milk or Cream Pasteurization Wort Boiling Syrup Pasteurization Juice Pasteurization
Milk Reception Wort Cooling Water Heating Nectar Pasteurization
Cultured Milk Treatment (Ice Cream or Cheese Treatment) Beer Cooling Sugar Dissolving Pasteurization of Concentrates
UHT Beer Pasteurization   Cooling of Final Product
WCR - Petroleum Industry​Petroleum / Chemical Processing​
Refinery MTBE Alkylotion Oil & Gas Dehydration/Desolving Desulphurization
Brine Cooling Product Heating/Cooling/Interchanging Heating/Cooling of Corrosive Fluids Sea Water Coolers Crude Oil Cooling/Interchanging Lean/rich Fluid Interchanger & Cooler
Crude Oil/Water Interchanger Jacket Water Cooling Isobutene Condenser & Reactor Interchanger Crude Oil Heat Treatment Crude Oil/Water Interchanger Acid Gas Condenser
Treated/Untreated Crude Interchanger Jacket Water Condensing     Water Interchanger  
WCR - Hydrocarbon Processing​Hydrocarbon Processing​
Methanol Propylene Oxide Ethylene Glycol Ethylene Oxide Ethylene-Propylene Formaldehyde
Preheating Water Sodium Hydroxide Cooling Product Cooling Lean/rich Cycle Water Interchanger Water Cooling & Heating Methanol Preheating
Water Cooling Reaction Mixture Cooling Reactor Feed Heater Lean Cycle Water Cooler Propylene Condensers & Coolers Formalin Cooling
Liquid Product Cooling Heat Recovery Reactor Feed Interchanger   Naphtha Preheating Water Cooling
WCR - Polymer Chemical Processing​Polymers
Acrylic Fibers Nylon Polyester Polyethelene Polyol Polypropylene Ployurathane Viscose
Heating/Cooling Solvents Water Cooling/Heating Glycol Cooling Pelleter Water Water Cooling & Heating Circulating Matter Cooling Heating/Cooling of Polyol Heating/Cooling of NaOH
Reactor Cooling Nylon Salt Cooling Solvent Heating Cooling Water Systems Reactor Feed Heating/Cooling Pellet, Refrigerated Matter cooling Heating/Cooling Isocyanate Heating/Cooling Viscose & acids
  Condensers & Interchangers     Polyol Product Cooling Condensers and Interchangers   Heating of Spin Bath Solution
WCR - Pharmaceutical Processing​Pharmaceuticals
Solvents Reactor Control
Product Heating/Cooling Heating Jacketed Reactor
Cooling Water Systems Condensers & Interchangers
Hot Water Systems  
WCR Heat Exchangers - Industrial Applications​Industrial
Mining Automotive Pulp & Paper Textiles Vegetable Oil Sugar Processing
Plating Heaters/Coolers Pickling - Heating/Cooling Sulfuric & Hydrocholoric Acid Blowdown Liquor Coolers Heat Recovery Product Heating/Cooling Water Heating/Cooling
Analyzing Heaters/Coolers Acid Heating/Cooling Caustic Soda Coolers Caustic Solution Heating Product Economizing Juice/Syrup/Molasses Heating
Strike Solution Cooling Rinsing - Heating rinsing water Black Liquor Heating Cooling Washers Hot/Cold Water System Juice Demineralization
Quench Oil Coolers Phosphatizing - Phosphoric acid solution heating Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery   Waste Water Treatment Juice Evaporation
Hydrogen Peroxide/Titanium Dioxide Passivating - Heat & maintain passicating bath temperature.        
Chloride Alkaline, Soda Ash, Steel Priming & Painting - heat and maintain paint temperature        
WCR Heat Exchangers - Energy & Power​Energy & Power WCR Heat Exchangers - HVAC - Heating/Air Conditioning Applications​HVAC - Heating/Air Conditioning WCR Heat Exchangers - Marine ApplicationsMarine
Auxiliary Cooling Circuit Isolation Cooling Tower Isolation Seawater Isolation Exchanger
Co-generation applications Free Cooling Central Cooling
Geothermal Applications Heat Pump Systems Jacket Fresh Water Cooling
Lubrication Oil Cooling Sea Water Isolation Lube Oil Cooling
Diesel Engine Cooling Thermal Storage Systems Camshaft Lube
Heat Recovery Pressure Interceptor Oil Cooling