Plate Heat Exchanger Service

WCR Service is the leader in the plate heat exchanger maintenance. We fully disassemble, inspect, clean, dye-test, re-gasket, hydro-test, and reassemble your unit from start to finish.

WCR Service - Re-gasketing

In 1980, West Coast Re-gasketing, WCR began by providing alternative OEM specified replacement gaskets at lower prices. We recognized that OEMs were taking advantage of their position as being the sole provider of parts for your heat exchanger.  The industry needed competition, and WCR didn't disappoint.  Our re-gasketing processes are the standard in heat exchanger repair.  Service is specialized to each model, gasket type, and bonding agent.  We follow a rigorous process before and after the gasket is applied to the plate to assure proper adhesion, alignment, and function.  

Re-Gasketing Procedures

WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Plate Login

Initial Plate Login and Inspection

Each plate and component is logged to assure responsibility and show transparency throughout the maintenance process of your heat exchanger. Trained experts with years of experience with all heat exchanger brands and models inspect every piece of equipment prior completing any work on the unit. WCR will only recondition parts that require attention.
WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Clean & Remove Gaskets

Clean & Remove Gaskets

WCR advanced plate cleaning begins with a powerful pressure wash (and brushed hand scrub if necessary) to remove product build-up and scale. Plates are then bathed in a series of non-abrasive chemicals, depending on plate material, to eliminate deposits and restore plate efficiency. To eradicate any stubborn glue, an acetone-based de-bonding agent is also used during the process. WCR Service created the cleansing process that's mimicked by others, experience first-hand the difference.
WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Plate Dye-Testing


WCR 100% Dye-testing sets the standard for locating cracks, pinholes, and failures prior to re-gasketing the plates. With a proprietary red dye-penetrant that saturates the plate surface, WCR is capable of detecting even miniscule imperfections. Early discovery of plate defects eliminates cross contamination concerns, saving costly down time in the future.  
WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Gasket Groove Preparation

Prepare Gasket Groove

Gasket groove preparation is imperative before applying new gaskets. Left-over glue residue can cause the new gaskets to not adhere properly and dramatically reduce the lifetime of the gaskets. Rolled grooves are the #1 cause for external leakage. Trained professionals at WCR are taught to identify a rolled groove during the inspection process to prevent re-gasketing of the plate. If it's not identified, the plate pack will not seal properly causing costly downtime. WCR will be able to repress the plates in most cases to allow the plate back into operation, saving money and extending the life of the heat exchanger.
WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Gasket Application

Apply Gasket

WCR Service utilizes gasket material specified for your operating conditions, selecting proper adhesives (excluding clip-on) based on application, temperature, and pressure. This is crucial in maximizing longevity of the heat exchanger. Incorrect material or adhesives results in drastically reduced up-times. Each gasket is cleaned before installation. The gasket itself is then applied only by qualified WCR professionals that have experience with all models of plate heat exchangers.
WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Oven Curing

Compress & Oven Cure

Oven curing takes place to strengthen the adhesive bond in tightened frames. Prior to heating, the gasket is compressed into the plate groove by specific tightening dimensions. Standard at WCR, all glued gaskets are then heat cured under pressure in an industrial oven for between 3-4 hours at temperatures reaching 310° F. Heat cured gaskets lasts up to ten times longer than uncured rubber glued gaskets. Alternate curing methods are used for some bonding agents and models. Heat curing extends the life of the gaskets and ensures trouble-free operation after re-installation.
WCR Service - Re-gasketing - Hydro-Test & Final Inspection

Final Inspection & Hydro-Test

Every plate is carefully inspected for gasket straightness, solid bonding, excess adhesives, and deformations. If drawings or arrangements are supplied, the plate sequence will be returned to assembly order allowing for quick and easy installation. Plate packs sent along with frames are Hydro-tested to simulate operating levels of the application. No plate will leave our facility without passing this final stage of quality control. If any plates immediately fail in operation*, new replacement plates will be provided at no additional charge.
*Up to a year. This depends on maintaining set operating conditions after the plates are re-installed into the unit. Any changes in operation that cause damage to the plates/gaskets is not covered in this guarantee.