Refurbished / Used Heat Exchangers

WCR refurbishes used heat exchangers, that's our passion and how our business began.  Through over 30 years in the heat exchanger service industry, we've accumulated many used heat exchanger frames.  We re-condition most frames, and provide them as ecomonical options for identical customer model units.  After going through our astringent service processes, plates are returned to nearly-new efficiency and effectiveness. By purchasing plates directly from customers and servicing them, we've managed to compile the largest supply of used heat exchanger plates.   Mostly, we offer the refurbished plates at a discounted rate as replacements for customer plates that don't pass our dye-testing process during WCR Service.  
However, together, using both refurbished plates and frame components, we're able to design an entire unit.  It's all about saving the customer money.  Whether you need an industrial, sanitary or marine heat exchanger, WCR offers the most comprehensive stock of available refurbished full unit heat exchangers.  We can usually put together a solution for your requirements using refurbished parts.  Please Send Us an Email Request with your specifications. 

WCR - Refurbished Heat Exchangers
Actual active Plate Heat Exchangers in use today constructed using only refurbished parts.